Photo 16 Sep 15 notes very beautiful girl

very beautiful girl

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Assorted DAKs

Photo 16 Sep 16 notes Sexy shoe

Sexy shoe

(Source: prosthetic-life)

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I like how she uses her stump for balance

She has so much fun being sexy!

Too bad she’s been quiet for some month…

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Sexy Donia

She’s hot and she knows

Photo 14 Sep 26 notes So beautiful - a single leg and a black boot.

So beautiful - a single leg and a black boot.

Text 14 Sep 5 notes GIF Ideas?


Iโ€™m about to make some more GIFs because my supply is running low. ย Is there any specific genre that is of interest to anyone?

I’d love to see moving stumps, eg a leg stump moving to keep the balance on her single leg

Photo 14 Sep 19 notes Nice redhead

Nice redhead

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Very sexy when a one armed lady hand gestures.

That’s one thing I love in general: the (useless) movement of a woman’s stump trying to do something useful…

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Sheโ€™s incredible!


Once again a perfect 10 for this beauty!

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